CREA, LLC (CREA) is a full-service tax syndicator specializing in low income housing tax credits (LIHTC). We bring more than a century of combined affordable housing industry experience and a staff that is committed to providing innovative ways to maximize the long-term mutual economic benefits to developers and investors.

Operating with the philosophy that fundamentally sound real estate is the common denominator in every successful LIHTC investment, our goal is to provide developers and investors with the best possible service, capital and resources, while simultaneously creating high-quality low income housing tax credits for our investor clients.

We believe our success depends on our culture as much as our expertise. We’ve built our reputation by emphasizing our core values of trust, respect, integrity, attitude and commitment. These are the standards we work by, and the promises we make to our investors and developers.

But, above all, we’re invested in you. Thanks for taking time to find out more about us. We look forward to learning more about how we can help you.