Recruiting Process

In general, open positions at CREA are filled as follows:

  1. Open positions are posted to our website and, depending on the position, other business-related online recruiting sites.
  2. Candidates may apply for positions through our online portal.
  3. Once an application is submitted, it is reviewed by our human resources professionals. A member of the HR team will contact the most qualified candidates to either schedule a phone screen or an on-site interview with the hiring manager and HR staff.
  4. After the candidate has been to our offices for the first interview, often a second round of interviews is scheduled to learn more about the candidate and involve other team members in the interview process.
  5. Frequently a hiring decision is followed after the second interview, but at times we do require a third round of interviews. During the entire interview process, the HR representative maintains contact with all candidates.
  6. After the final hiring decision is made, a member of the HR team contacts the selected candidate and presents a verbal offer. If accepted, a formal written offer letter follows. Interviewed candidates not selected for employment will be contacted and notified.