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At CREA, we’ve been around long enough to know the fundamental importance of maintaining our core values and providing the best client experience. But we also know that, ultimately, numbers are what will define a good partnership and a good investment.

By the Numbers:

Over the years we’ve had plenty to be proud of at CREA, but the successes that we think best represent our company are a simple series of numbers that say it all.

  • $3.4 billion LIHTC equity raised and placed
  • Properties under management: over 410
  • 36,335 affordable homes developed
  • Number of states with CREA operations: 44 and 1 U.S. territory
  • Properties lost to foreclosure: 0
  • Over 85 employees
  • Loss of credits: 0
  • 97% median occupancy

*Information accurate as of 9/30/16

Geographic Diversification:

Indianapolis may be home to CREA’s headquarters but with offices in Austin, Boston, New York, Portland, San Diego and St. Petersburg, we’re able to provide our services across the country. We believe in the lasting value of every project and investment we work with, so take a minute to review our project list. Then, contact us to get involved in our next investment.