For Developers

There are few decisions in business as important as selecting who to do business with. Here are some of the reasons why we’d like developers to consider CREA:

  1. We’re a national syndicator with acquisition offices across the country and have a wide and growing investor base, both of which provide diversification and access.
  2. Since 2001, we’ve raised and closed over $3.5 billion in LIHTC equity in national funds, proprietary funds, secondary opportunities, and direct placements.
  3. Our portfolio outperforms national averages. In fact, our property performance is consistently above pro-forma. Given the number of properties in the historically challenging Midwest alone, we believe this is a significant achievement as well as a differentiator in the market.
  4. CREA evaluates every property on a quarterly basis to make sure it is AHIC compliant. Staying compliant saves time and cost for developers and investors alike.
  5. Our senior staff has an average of over 16 years of experience in the LIHTC industry.
  6. We use the latest, most secure software, data management, and document tools, such as Integratec.


The CREA acquisitions team is dedicated to providing the highest quality investment banking solutions in the LITHC industry. Through financial modeling and partnership analysis, the acquisitions team is able to structure your development in a way that maximizes the economic benefit to all parties in the transaction.

Charles G. AndersonExecutive Vice President and Director of Acquisitions  (  

Bradley Bullock, Senior Vice President  (  

Michael M. Murray, Senior Vice President  (  

Richard Shea, Senior Vice President  (  

Mike Boyle, Senior Vice President  (  

Neala Martin, Vice President  (  

Jason Racine, Vice President  (  

Rachel Thomas, Vice President  (  

Jamie Irwin, Vice President – Senior Account Manager
Melissa BennettVice President – Account Manager
Jeff Nelson, Vice President – Account Manager
Josh Reed, Vice President – Account Manager
Alison AndersonVice President
Brian Villa, Vice President
Julie Beaubian, Assistant Vice President
Ashley Reed, Assistant Vice President
Lori Kocevar, Senior Closing Coordinator
Amandula Anderson, Closing Coordinator
Alicia Fannon, Closing Coordinator
Bianca Pyko, Closing Coordinator
Brian Everest, Closing Coordinator
Marcin Dzido, Senior Acquisitions Analyst
Adam Lavelle, Acquisitions Analyst
Chase Sims, Acquisitions Analyst
Ben Trussell, Acquisitions Analyst