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We believe that fundamentally sound real estate is the common denominator in every successful LIHTC investment. That’s why our process for creating high-quality low income housing tax credits for our investor clients begins with making sure developers have access to the the best possible service, capital, and resources.

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Syndication & Investor Relations

Our syndication services allow for CREA to stand as the physical representation and voice of the investor in all matters and decisions related to their investment. Our syndication team maintains investor relationships throughout the life of the investment. We organize and offer proprietary and multi-investor funds to LIHTC investors.

Tony BertoldiExecutive Vice President  (  

Bill Tomashewski, Senior Vice President – Director of Investor Relations
Brad Howarth, CPA, Senior Vice President
Mary Ann Lang, Senior Vice President
Vincent Monaco, Vice President
Paul Cardamon, Assistant Vice President – Senior Analyst
Julie SharpAssistant Vice President
Eli Kahan, Senior Analyst
Bill Tomlinson, Syndication Analyst



The Underwriting Services Group performs comprehensive reviews of all aspects of a transaction to protect the investor by ensuring the quality of the investment. While this is a complex process, some examples may include financial modeling, IRR analysis, income & expense analysis, administering background and credit checks, insurance reviews, etc.

Mark Burton, Senior Vice President  (  

Thuy Miller, Vice President
Will PritchardVice President
Matt Urbanski, Vice President
Lorenc Qorlaze, Assistant Vice President
Brittany Crossley, Underwriting Analyst
Baker Prewitt, Underwriting Analyst
Nicholas Thompson, Underwriting Analyst


Fund Management

Fund Management through CREA minimizes investor risk and protects the low income housing investments by providing comprehensive reporting services for all Tax Credit Funds. We provide investors quarterly reports, including: benefit schedules, property profiles, portfolio summary reporting and ‘look ahead’ analysis for annual assessments.

Kelli N. Ozdemir, Senior Vice President  (  

Matt Dittmer, Vice President
Kevin Kuruzar, Vice President
April Marker-McClurg, Vice President
Christopher R. Messmann, Vice President
Kyle WaldmanVice President
Aaron Carpenter, Fund Analyst
Danielle Derrico, Fund Analyst
Moe Khan, Fund Analyst
Ericka Pickens, Fund Analyst
Alicia Turner, Fund Analyst


Asset Management

The CREA Asset Management Group closely monitors investments and properties to ensure that the requirements of the General Partner are being fulfilled. Asset Management also works to ensure that all investments are being maximized in compliance with IRS guidelines outlined in Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code. There are currently over 10,000 units under management.

Wayne Nelis, Senior Vice President

Brandon Conway, Vice President – Senior Assest Manager
Brooke Solis, Vice President – Senior Asset Manager
Brandon Bowling, Vice President
Ashley HaganAssistant Vice President – Senior Asset Manager
Matt KesmodelAssistant Vice President
Andrea Perry, Senior Asset Manager
Jeremy Bozarth, Asset Manager
Amy Frist, Asset Manager
Samantha Laughlin, Asset Manager
Rhonda Lindsey, Asset Manager
Jessica Reeves, Asset Manager
Shannon Redden, Asset Manager
Clayton Cottom, Construction Analyst